Caitlin’s unique style and highly structured approach to leadership were both inspirational and high impact. Her ability to break down complex situations and reframe them so that they become clear and manageable allowed me to refocus and produce genuine, observable breakthroughs beyond anything that was originally destined to happen.

Her virtual group programs are very manageable: run remotely over the internet, they take just a couple of hours per week and produce instant rewards. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a breakthrough in their careers, business or home life to get in touch with Caitlin.

North America Technical Sales Manager, Halliburton – Landmark

Teacher     |     Author     |     Consultant     |     Coach

Teacher: It’s time to share my secrets on a much larger scale, which is why I’m getting ready to launch a virtual coaching academy in 2017.

Author: My first book on the topic of breakthrough thinking, ‘Discover What You’re Here To Do: Solving the Mystery of What Makes You You’ will be available on Amazon September 2017.

Consultant: I have more than two decades of experience working with household names in the US and UK to quickly transform teams, departments and entire organizations.

In addition, I have supported many entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and start-ups to envision, design and implement winning strategies that deliver ‘other side of possible’ results in record time.

Coach: Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders (BT4L) is the unique, real time approach to executive and life coaching that I now teach at the BT4L Coaching Academy.


Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders is a 3-step approach that enables you to

  • raise your game at work to reduce your workweek or create better results
  • reignite your career or reinvent your lifepath
  • take the lid of their team’s performance
  • transform your business
  • create, energize or mend relationships at work and at home
  • tackle a health challenge
  • develop mindfulness and combat stress

Every program in the BT4L curriculum is tailored to fit your precise situation and produce an out-of-the-box result

An overview of the services I offer to corporate clients
is available to view or download in pdf format.

Summary of Services
Corporate Clients

Still wondering what you're here to do?

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It is possible to get clear on what you’re here to do. Anyone over the age of 40 can get clear on their purpose in five hours or less. Find out how



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