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I first began working as a consultant to senior execs in the US and UK in 1993. Offering money-back guarantees, I successfully directed reinventions and transformations for teams and departments – but at a price.

The transformations were exciting but really hard work. I spent every spare moment test-driving tools that would delivered better results and required less effort.

Today it makes me very happy to share my secrets with clients wanting to transform their team or organization, or kick-start a business or project.

Instead of operating on-site with one client for an extended period of time, I can now offer real time support virtually to several clients simultaneously, regardless of where they are in the world. It is the BT4L system that has made this possible.

No one knows your business like you do. The BT4L approach to innovation and transformation ensures that you never have to hand over control of your business to a stranger and that you are always in control.

As you work through the three interlocking processes that make up the BT4L system (Decide, Design & Deliver) you will find your chosen outcome manifesting at a pace you didn’t think possible.

Consulting may take place virtually or in person and tends to be focused on the following types of topics:

  • How best to achieve a challenge that seems ‘beyond possible’ – but is absolutely essential
  • How to resolve an acute, chronic or complex issue (no matter how intransigent it may seem)
  • Identification, design or review of a compelling vision and/or strategic plan
  • Updating or reinventing a strategy in response to a game-changing event
  • How to create and maintain self-managed teams; upgrade the performance of an existing team; or get a new team up to speed quickly.

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An overview of the services I offer to corporate clients
is available to view or download in pdf format.

Summary of Services
Corporate Clients

I have read all the books but cannot imagine getting the results we achieved had I done this on my own.

Learning to use the thinking frameworks of the breakthrough thinking for leaders system was incredibly challenging – it definitely felt like changing a jet engine in mid-air! – but with Caitlin as a coach, I always felt supported.

It was always clear there was a master plan. It taught me to really expect and embrace the chaos that inevitably precedes a genuine breakthrough.

David Schenkein, SVP, Genentech