Ethics & Disclosures

Hello there,

As an international leadership and high performance coach, I’ve devoted my life to figuring out how to use the power of breakthrough thinking to create whatever it is that we want to create.

My teachings don’t require the purchase or use of any physical products or services. From time to time, however, I may feel called to share things that I hope will help you on your journey in some practical way: physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

I am writing this disclosure statement because transparency is one of my core values. The FTC requires me to declare that I may from time to time receive cash, stock options or product incentives, or be associated with the providers of the goods and services I’m sharing in some way that prevents me from being completely objective. If you happen to know me personally, you’ll know that’s not the way I work, but just in case there is the tiniest instance of this occurring, I am disclosing that, hey, I’m human and not always as objective as I’d like to think I am.

From time to time, the providers of such products and services may provide me with free items to try or use. My meetings with them may take place over lunch or dinner for which they pay. I would hope that it goes without saying – but let me make it clear – this will never influence my decision to share or recommend a product or service with you.

Unless otherwise stated, every post is my own creation. I am not paid for my reviews and my opinions are never influenced by payments.

I never sell my posts or reviews for money. From time to time you may find examples of partnerships and affiliate marketing. For example, I may have some Amazon links that deliver a small percentage of every sale. This does not cost you any money and simply helps to offset the not inconsiderable costs of running a blog. It is also one of my spiritual practices to contribute a proportion of my earnings each year to those in need. The more I can offset the cost of my overheads, the more I can contribute.

The upside of this is that from time to time I am able to offer coupon codes due to the amount of traffic such sites receive from my website.

So, in short, my opinions and judgments are never swayed by commerce. I hope this is clear. Any questions, let me know.