Executive Coaching

Corporate Clients

Whether you are an executive sponsored by their company or a private client paying for your own development, the BT4L coaching model begins and ends with a goal.

Following the initial consultative fact-find, a roadmap of the recommended pathway to success is outlined. Programs typically last 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Program length is determined by the nature and scale of your objective or challenge. Sessions take place weekly and typically last between 60-90 minutes.

Coaching roadmaps are unique to each client and modular in approach. Sometimes just one program will be recommended; at other times, more than one. Check-ins at key pre-determined milestones ensure that value is always being added.

Working virtually is cost-effective and offers flexibility and is preferred by both corporate and private clients. On-site programs are also possible, depending on my travel schedule.

Private Clients

Every BT4L program is available to private clients and corporate clients alike on a 1:1 or small group basis.

Individuals choosing to pay for their own development usually find the most cost-effective way to participate in a BT4L program is as part of a small group. (These are groups of 3-4 individuals who share similar goals.)

To join a small group, add your name to the waiting list for your program of choice. (You may also organize your own small group of friends, peers or coworkers.)

Every BT4L program is highly structured to ensure its promises are delivered and that genuine breakthroughs take place.

As you can see on the Coaching Academy page of this site, there are 9 categories of coaching programs. You will find detailed program information on the BT4L Coaching Academy website. The curriculum can be explored by category or by program name.

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An overview of the services I offer to corporate clients
is available to view or download in pdf format.

Summary of Services
Corporate Clients

I worked with Caitlin a few years ago to help clarify my business strategy and to communicate more powerfully. Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders has provided me with insights and techniques that help defuse the difficult situations that arise in complex organizations, in managing others, and in managing up. These leadership tools and skill sets are not taught in medical school and have been critical in my success in evolving from a bedside physician to a corporate officer in biotech. Her energy is wonderful!

Dr Charles Semba, Genentech