Group Coaching

Virtual and On-Site Group Coaching Programs

Virtual Groups

Every program in the BT4L curriculum is as effective in virtual group setting as it is when delivered in an on-site 1:1 format.

Virtual group programs may be private or public:

Private programs refers to programs that contain individuals who know one another. This includes:

  • Programs launched at the request of a representative of an organization, to be attended by individuals within that organization
  • Programs not sponsored by organizations. In this instance, an individual approaches me with a pre-populated group of coworkers or friends who wish to pay for their own development and who do not wish to join a public program.

Public programs are not ‘public’ in the usual sense. This term refers to closed groups that I organize. These are small groups of 3 or 4 executives from different organizations who register for a spot in an upcoming program. These individuals may be

  • sponsored by their company
  • paying for their own development/wishing to raise their leadership game away from the watchful gaze of colleagues, managers or peers

Public programs are a cost-effective way for companies to give their senior execs and rising stars the development upgrades they need.


Power Gem programs
Every Power Gem program in the BT4L curriculum can be offered live on-site.

You can find out more information about these Power Gem offerings at the BT4L Coaching Academy website.

The BT4L System
Step 1 and Step 3 of the BT4L system need to take place using a weekly format. (Space is required for clients to assimilate new teaching and complete assignments.)

Many corporate clients are happy for the entire program to take place virtually since this ensures maximum attendance at minimum cost. Others prefer the initial session (or sometimes the first and last) to take place in person. At the end of the day, the choice lies with the client.

Group coaching programs can be integrated into pre-designed off-sites. I also offer strategy design and review sessions. Click here to find out more about the off-site services I offer.

Off-Sites &


1:1 Executive
Coaching Programs




An overview of the services I offer to corporate clients
is available to view or download in pdf format.

Summary of Services
Corporate Clients

As Vice President of Training and Development for Bank of America and ADP I have engaged many consultants on a myriad of projects. Caitlin easily ranks with the very best that I’ve known. Her innovative and very sincere approach certainly provided excellent results for me. She and her team will definitely show program participants the path and methods to improve their performance and achieve both business and personal success.

TC, Western Region Manager, MyBenefitSource