Help Millennials Discover their Purpose

Help Millennials Discover their Purpose

The situation
If you struggled for a long time to find the right path (or perhaps you never did) you will know that there is nothing more important than identifying your purpose.

A decade ago I developed a foolproof process that anyone over the age of 40 can use to get clear on why they’re here and use that information to reinvent their career, their job search or entire life.

In a bid to make the work accessible to everyone, I’ve written a book outlining the entire process. (On the bookshelves in May, I am giving a free copy away to anyone who contributes to this project.) However, the process I have developed requires a certain amount of experience, plus a degree of self-awareness, that many people under the age of forty often do not possess.

Interested in making a difference? Read below to find out what I need from you.

How you can be part of the solution
I am offering Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers (and Millennials too!) the chance to make a small contribution that will make a huge difference – and it needn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.

The answers you provide will enable me to quickly build a free online tool that anyone can use (not just Millennials) to finally solve the mystery of what they’re here to do.

Today, a forty-something can identify their purpose in five hours or less using the system I developed. With your help, a Millennial will be able to do the same by using this free online tool.

Receive a free copy of my book as a thank you

Ready to help?

So what’s involved?

  1. Pick one professional role that you have held for 90 days or more. (It can be paid or unpaid.)
  2. Now break that role down into all of the composite activities in which you engaged during a typical workweek. Read the explanation in the right hand column – it’s a bit trickier than it looks at first glance! You will also find some examples if you scroll down the page.
  3. Send me your role, plus associated activities, in an email. A minimum of fifteen activities related to that role is enough to secure your free book! If you’re feeling generous, send as many roles and activities as you can.

Send me an email: role and activities

  1. Write the job title or specific role, e.g.: Supervisor, Accounts Department
  2. Then quickly brainstorm as many items as you can.
  3. Now go through your list and convert the items into phrases (not one-word answers) that match the following format:

Your phrase must begin with a verb. For example ‘Meeting with …’, ‘Organizing the …’, ‘Analyzing the …’, ‘Trying to …’, ‘Compiling monthly forecasts for the …’, ‘Fixing the …’, ‘Persuading the …’

Be as detailed as possible. Don’t write ‘meetings’. It is one word, not a phrase, does not begin with a verb and is too vague. Instead, write down all the different types of meeting that you attended.

Here are a few examples of roles and their associated activities

Research Scientist

  • Acting as external spokesperson for lab/co
  • Conducting scientific evaluation of technology or product
  • Conducting experiments
  • Analyzing experiments
  • Preparing research summary reports
  • Presenting results to senior staff
  • Presenting results to other staff
  • Demonstrating procedures
  • Speaking at conference panels
  • Interacting with many teams (via matrix)
  • Managing teams to achieve desired results
  • Attending scientific meetings
  • meetings
  • Supervising junior staff
  • Supervising technicians
  • Ensuring quality standards met
  • Keeping up-to-date with scientific or technical developments

Sales Director

  • Motivating team to hit targets
  • Managing Sales HR
  • Creating projections
  • Identifying team goals
  • Onboarding and training new people
  • Letting people go
  • Managing sales operations
  • Reporting progress to VP of Sales
  • Writing training handbooks
  • Developing professional development workshops
  • Resolving issues with clients
  • Managing performance of each individual in my team
  • Rolling out successful pilots company-wide
  • Redesigning offering to increase profitability
  • Completing reports in a timely manner
  • Working with Director of Marketing to improve communication between our departments

Compensation Analyst (HR)

  • Meeting with functional management to validate survey salary matches
  • Writing specs for updates to annual rewards software package
  • Meeting with functional managers to document their teams’ work for job descriptions
  • Updating job tracking documents
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Auditing pay increase processes that became chaotic
  • Upgrading executive reporting tools
  • Estimating quarterly accrual for the non-sales bonus program
  • Calculating shortfall of sales bonus accruals for the year
  • Updating complex salary ranges annually
  • Converting skeptics into fans of my project
  • Turning meeting notes into job description language
  • Market pricing jobs based on revised content
  • Searching for records
  • Compiling new hire data

Aerospace Engineer

  • Monitoring ongoing performance
  • Conducting research
  • Coordinating test flights and documenting results
  • Designing guidance systems
  • Designing production methods
  • Working in teams to brainstorm ideas
  • Attending all-hands meetings
  • Researching ideas that may be translatable into our field
  • Assessing risk
  • Making recommendations
  • Developing propulsion systems
  • Designing computer systems
  • Designing components
  • Building vehicles
  • Analyzing the structural integrity of framework
  • Designing manufacturing facilities
  • Critiquing other teams’ work
  • Keeping up-to-date with my particular specialty
  • Keeping up-to-date with the industry in general

Need to know more?

To learn more about the ‘Discover your North Star’ program, visit my BT4L coaching academy website. The button below will take you to the right page. (Be aware that you will be leaving this site.) You can contribute by sending your email via the Contact page on the BT4L Coaching Academy website, or via the Contact page on this site.

Are you ready to share?

If you’d like to contribute to this project, take 15-30 minutes to think carefully about your role, jotting down all of the activities that you perform throughout your workweek. Be sure to include all of your activities – not just the ones that you love. Include the activities you feel neutral about as well as those you positively hate!