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Team Building Events: UK

In the UK, I design, organise and facilitate off-sites and on-site meetings for companies located within a 90-minute drive of central London. My preferred UK location for meetings, off-sites and team building events is, without a doubt, beautiful Painshill.

Located in Cobham, Surrey, just minutes from the M25, this award-winning 18th century landscape garden recently opened its doors to cater for corporate clients, providing a much-needed unique local venue for team and group retreats.

Painshill comes with an extraordinary 225-year leadership story of its own, a rich history in which the theme of Anglo-American partnership looms large. Although something of a best kept secret in modern times, for more than two centuries Painshill attracted a steady stream of international visitors. This included two US presidents (John Adams and Thomas Jefferson) who came to admire the masterpiece that took Charles Hamilton more than 35 years to complete.

Whether you are planning a simple indoor meeting, an elaborate outdoor team building event (or both), Painshill is the perfect off-site venue for your corporate retreat.

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Team building activities and ice-breakers

I have designed a rich portfolio of team building activities activities exclusively for Painshill. Exciting, engaging and challenging, these themed events are like nothing you’ve encountered before! Designed to wow even the most world-weary off-site participants, there is something for every budget and situation. Download the brochure for an overview of these activities and schedule a call to find out more.

Breakthrough thinking for leaders

If you’re looking for an instant upgrade in performance, Power Gems are the way to go. Taught in an interactive ‘cheat sheet’ format, many of these high impact leadership tools can be learned in as little as 2-4 hours. Power Gems are designed to boost the productivity of any size of audience in any type of venue, whether in-person or virtual.

Meeting spaces and venue hire

You don’t have to have a big budget to produce a big result. Painshill boasts an unusual array of venues for hire:

The Abercorn Room
Recently refurbished, the Abercorn Room is the perfect meeting venue for executive and functional teams. This comfortable room can accommodate up to 30 participants cabaret-style and up to a maximum of 50 theatre-style. It is also available for private lunches, dinners, parties and receptions.

The Follies
Gothic Temple, Mausoleum, Hermitage, Abbey: these are but a few of the fascinating follies integrated into Painshill’s landscape by creator Charles Hamilton more than two centuries ago. You can rent a particular folly for a private function or incorporate numerous follies into your team building event of choice. The options are endless.

The Grounds
With its 158 acres, hidden follies, serpentine lake and mini vineyard, Painshill’s landscaped gardens offer exciting year-round opportunities for both indoor and outdoor corporate events and team building activities. Natural surroundings provide the ultimate reset for people people who think for a living. Whether you decide to stage a leisurely picnic, participate in a formal outdoor team building activity or simply enjoy a stroll around the grounds in between the hard work, you can be assured of a memorable experience.

The Conservatory
Suitable for larger groups, the Conservatory is available to corporate groups for corporate meetings, indoor team-building activities and social events. Located in the Walled Garden, the Conservatory is a popular wedding reception destination. Pretty and practical, it can be dressed to host spectacular themed events or used as a simple, spacious meeting space.

Result-focused meeting design and event planning

Every hour that your team is out of the office is time that can’t be recovered, so it’s important to make it count. My outcome-focused meeting design service ensures that everything that happens on that day has the impact you intend. A high-impact off-site doesn’t have to be high cost. I also provide event-planning support for organisations that require it.

Facilitators and guest speakers

I offer experienced, high quality facilitation for every type of corporate event. In addition, expert guest speakers can be provided to speak on relevant topics.

Corporate dining and social events

Painshill boasts a number of unusual and unique spaces for corporate dining and social events. The Abercorn Room, Hamilton’s Tea Room, the follies and the Conservatory offer a wide variety of spaces that can cater for almost any need.

Getting to Painshill

Located in Cobham, Surrey, Painshill is easily accessible by both car and train, situated just minutes from the intersection of the M25 and A3.

Painshill offers unlimited, free parking for all visitors.

The station nearest to Painshill is called Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon. Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon is a 38-minute train journey from London Waterloo and a 23-minute train journey from Guildford.

If you are coming by train, Painshill is a short (8-minute) hop by taxi or a brisk 30-minute walk.

Painshill Park, Portsmouth Rd, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1JE

1. The Grotto
2. The Mausoleum
3. View from the Gothic Temple
4. Statue of Bacchus
5. The Vineyard
6. The Hermitage
7. Water Wheel
8. Inside the Grotto
9. The Chinese Bridge
10. From Turkish Tent to Gothic Temple
11. The Turkish Tent
12. The Gothic Tower
13. The Walled Garden
14. The Abbey
15. The Tea Room

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