Train-the-Trainer Programs

Group certification (private programs)

Private BT4L certification programs allow companies to quickly develop the in-house expertise they need with respect to breakthrough thinking.

Many programs in the BT4L curriculum can be brought in-house. To explore possible topics and specific programs, please consult the BT4L Coaching Academy website. The curriculum can be explored by category or by name.

Private train-the-trainer programs may be designed to be completely virtual, completely on-site or some mix of the two.

Individual certification (public programs)

Enrolling key individuals on a public certification program is an organic and more cost-effective way to develop the in-house breakthrough thinking expertise you need.

All public certification programs take place virtually via videoconference.

Off-Sites &


Group Coaching


1:1 Executive
Coaching Programs


An overview of the services I offer to corporate clients
is available to view or download in pdf format.

Summary of Services
Corporate Clients

Caitlin is one of those extraordinary individuals who can generate outstanding concepts and ideas from scratch that work. Speaking from experience, she connects clients to goals and ambitions that lie far beyond what seems possible, and is even willing to underwrite them. She trains individuals and teams to achieve ‘other side of possible’ objectives – and to keep on achieving them, over the long term. If the opportunity to work with Caitlin presents itself, be prepared to operate outside your comfort zone. Quite an individual.

Michael Anderson, General Manager, Cable & Wireless